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Riyadh International Book Fair 2017 Malaysian as Guest of Honor

Malaysia is one of the most important Islamic countries in Southeast Asia. Having a great diplomatic relationship with Saudi Arabia with the originality of history and culture giving us the opportunity to work together as fellow Muslim.

Surrounded by nature biodiversity giving Malaysia advantage to achieve in culture and tourism which in result make it as one of the economy income.

Malaysia use Malayan Tiger as their trademark as symbol to their advance economies, strategic plans which contribute to make Malaysia achieve the level of economic power.

Working to achieve a comprehensive vision a decade after the start of the Declaration, and 2020 will be the date for the completion of the achievement of these economic and social plan.

Most of Malaysia house has their own Mosque at home which make a different attribute of Islamic civilization made it way to maintain the quality of this civilization.

In the cultural level, is the relationship between the two country, and close more than by hosting a number of Saudi students, as well as to the great culture and respect and tolerance, has become a tourist destination is a priority for Saudi families.

Saudi Arabia is highly respected and wonderful at all official and popular circles and Islamic communities in Malaysia, given the religious and spiritual ties and convergence in the trends of customs and traditions.

Close cooperation in various fields with Malaysia, would deepen ties and move them to a high level allows for the Saudis viewed up close to the Malaysian culture, and ways of economic progress while retaining the cultural and knowledge heritage.