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KLTCC 2017


KLTCC 2017, now its 10th year, is the most prominent international marketplace content and copyrights trading in region.

In line with Kota Buku’s goals, KLTCC is an excellent platform which helps the digital and ‘future book’ trade to thrive. Kota Buku is uniquely positioned to serve as a platform that promotes the copyright trade on such a scale in comparison to international book fairs in the world over. Malaysia’s strategic location between the Eastern and Western trade routes and the multi-ethnicity of its social fabric, acts as a leverage that encourages diversity in the consumption and demand of contents. This opens a huge market potential for book industry players to meet, gather and trade.

Emphasising its function as the “Springboard for Asean Content”, KLTCC has become a meeting place for publisher, content creators, solution providers and media players, making it as the platform for publishing and digital converge. The fair has gained participation from all ASEAN countries, Japan, South Korea, South Asia, Middle East, Europe and the US. AND, it is expanding!

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