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Braille Expo by KL Braille Resources

KL Braille Resources was established on July 15, 2004 and is a resource center to enhance the literacy rate and knowledge space to the public with disabilities, visually impaired and those who are interested to gain knowledge in the field of special education – blind.


To improve the welfare of visually impaired people through the implementation of a comprehensive Braille writing system whose role is to encourage equal opportunities and their full participation in the social aspects , economic , education, employment , communication , health , religious , cultural , sports and recreation , and success efforts to improve the literacy and opportunities to access information through an effective program of providing Braille reading materials and technology relating to people with visual disabilities can live independent , productive citizens , contribute and equally able to enjoy the prosperity of the developed countries Malaysia and independence.

Braille Expo

Program Objective:

  1. Introducing this Community Library as one of the sources of information that has braille information sources.
  2. To raise awareness among society about Braille as a medium to allow visually impaired person to access information and knowledge.
  3. To showcase the disabled community activities as a method towards an inclusive and productive society.
  4. To help raise the ‘Braille Education Fund’ aimed at helping visually impaired children to acquire books in Braille.


  1. Date: 09th May 2015, Saturday
  2. Time: 8.30am – 4.30pm
  3. Venue: Perpustakaan Komuniti Ampang Waterfront
  4. Public Transportation:
    • LRT Ampang Line – LRT Ampang Station
    • RAPIDKL Bus No. 332 & No. 28
  5. Free Admission and all are invited to attend.


Facebook: kl.braille.resources